Why then in the Morning 

When the quiet of the moonlight 
Has laid the city bare 
All accept the shadows 
Who keep company there 
A word of consenting 
The shadows slip away 
With the touch of company 
They wait the breaking day 
The breaking day 

Why then in the morning 
Do they have to say goodbye 
Why then in the morning 
Does this brief encounter die 

They live just for the moment 
When they can be themselves 
And not a disappointment 
In being somebody else 
But such is society 
To crush who don’t conform 
So they live quite quietly 
In the shadows before the dawn 
The shadows before the dawn 

Why then in the morning 
Do they have to say goodbye 
Why then in the morning 
Does this brief encounter die 
Because they are lonely people 
They can’t live like other people 

Dave Convoy:- lyric 
Graham Philip d'Ancey:- Composition


When the legends 
Have no more tellers 
And all your Hero's 
Have long since passed away 
What price the victor 
And what use his crown 
What prize this world 
In her devils gown 

Listen won’t you listen 
Before it’s too late 
Listen won’t you listen 
Time grows short 
Theres no time to waste 

Because you can’t see 
It doesn’t mean it’s not there 
So open your Minds 
And watch the picture appear 
Listen won’t you listen 

You talk of war 
You think of battles 
Of planes in the sky’s 
Missiles showing by 
But hoards are forming 
The fight is for your minds 
So search for the light 
Don’t make yourself blind 

Dave Convoy:- lyric 
Graham Philip d'Ancey:- Composition

Time and the Rain 

We looked but could not see 
We thought that it might be 
But how can it be the same 
For the years have come and gone 
Tears have been shed by some 
But theres no way to stop the rain 
No way to stop time and the pain 

We fought but could not win 
Each day saw us begin 
Tomorrow it will be se same 
Help us we seem to cry 
Let our mistakes pass by 
But theres no way to stop the rain 
No way to stop time and the pain 

For time has held the answers 
Time alone can see 
Here we are like puppets 
Marking time for what might be 
As we turn in circles 
To come around again 
You can’t replace the memories 
As the rain it falls once again 

Dave Convoy:- lyric 
Graham Philip d'Ancey:- Composition


There have been many stories 
There have been many tales 
Of one mans oppression of another 
Taking the blood of your brother 

As one man cries in his dingy cell 
In the depths of the earth and life's wishing well 
Of freedom, sweet freedom, be free 

For freedom is something 
You just cannot touch 
You just cannot feel 
So how can it be real 
Freedom is for you 
Freedom is for me 
Freedom is freedom 
But you just cannot see 

So tell me what your asking 
So tell me what's your aim 
To free those already free 
And take from them just to give to me 

Oh don't imagine that it isn't true 
For whatever it is I value so should you 
My freedom, sweet freedom, be free 

Freedom is for you 
Freedom is for me 
Be Free 

Dave Convoy:- lyric 
Anthony Sales:- melody 
Graham Philip d'Ancey:- instrumental arrangement

Mantra of Sacred Heart 

Love's gone 
It was abused for too long 
The grip of fear is so strong 
You allow the lord of hate to rule 


Sacred Passion 
People crying, people dying 
does anybody know, anybody else 
Our population it is exploding 
does anybody know, how too control it 
Concrete boxes, statistical faces 
does anybody know, who they really are 

People laughing, while some of us are starving 
why don't we all, lend a helping hand 
The Amazon jungles, hold primitive people 
but in some ways, are we not more primitive than them 
Weapons for killing, what kind of beginning 
are we handing down too our sons

Graham Philip d'Ancey

False Prophet 

Corruption seethes 
Upon his very tongue 
The prophet shields the light 
The darkness is too bright 
For men to see 
He is the usurper 
Foretold would come 
To steal men's hearts away 
And chain them to decay 
Their eyes are blinded 
By his words so pure and wise 
Beneath his gilded lies 
The lord of misrule cries 
For genocide 

The puppet master 
Wields his craft too well 
For as he pulls the strings 
The prophet bows and sings 
The people dance 
They recite their lines with joy 
Beneath the darkening sky 
A dragon begins to rise 
And now is seen 
Seven trumpets blast the silence 
The pillars of wisdom crack 
The knowledge of man 
Whiplashes in his face 
Atomic waste

Graham Philip d'Ancey

Garden of Tears 

Walking alone 
In the garden of tears 
Resting in the moments 
That gave all the years 
The anguish of a man 
The forsaken dreams of youth 
The time spent in torment 
To find a single truth, 
To believe in 
To believe in himself 

Shadows of the past 
Wisp before his eyes 
Violence and destruction 
Wasting so much life 
For no reason 
Deep within his soul 
A flame begins to burn 
Thoughts no longer torment him 
His heart no longer yearns 
For he knows 
He knows what he must do

Graham Philip d'Ancey